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I’m reading over some of the first posts I made and am marveling at how many things I have completely reversed on.


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Since I do not have the mental energy to delve into the epiphanies I’ve been having about how I was treated as a child relating to the struggles I am having in submitting to my husband, I present instead this humorous vignette for your amusement…

Sunday night we were watching The Simpson’s and one of the omnipresent Twilight commercials came on. My husband remarked that he really liked that they were using giant wolves for the werewolves and that they were cool. The whole Twilight thing annoys me to no end so I refused to say anything that could be perceived as flattering to the movie, so no – I did not think the giant wolves were cool. Somehow this devolved into snickers and a command from my husband that I was to tell him the giant wolves were cool while he was inside me later that evening, since – you know – he’s my Dom and all.

It’s nice that even with the change in our dynamic we can still be this silly with each other.

My husband would like it known that he is not a fan of Twilight but feels that giant wolves should be included wherever they can because he can think of no situation that cannot be improved by the addition of giant wolves.

There, is that good?

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Well that’s something

I did the math last night.  I have had sex at least once a day every day for the past five weeks with the exception of two nights that were followed by sex the next morning.

35 days of sex.  I am blown away.

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Note to Self

Profile shot of you sucking on a straw = Good

Full-on shot with your mouth open as if to start felatio = Silly

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Food for thought

I just got a “new to me” cell phone with a camera, so I was able to send my husband a nice little image with his message.  This is going to be lots of fun.

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He sent me a text this afternoon telling me that he owned me.  While it still had the desired effect upon me, there is a connotation to “own” that I don’t really want to be a part of our relationship.  I’m so happy I called and spoke to him about it – he felt it was off too.

I’m so happy that I belong to him.

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Telling me that he wanted me to make bacon and eggs for him and to put together his lunch made obscenely happy this morning. I was practically skipping to the kitchen.

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